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We're playing using a slightly modified Lexicon ruleset and these Microscope rules.



These are broad notes about the nature of the universe, presented in the form of briman scripture, and should be considered canonical (pun very much intended).

  • The Powers That Be: Gives some context about the universe, including: introducing the Creator, the Three Elements, the Manifest Spirits, and the sole sentient mortals, the briman race.  Please note the lack of opposed "cosmic team jersey" pairs!
  • There is still loads of room for different interpretations of the cosmology by mortals, giving different religious/magical traditions
  • The brimans have many tribes and kingdoms, so likewise there is lots of room for interaction
  • The Manifest Spirits also have at best local organisation (rather than global), while the higher powers are mostly silent: this gives a basis for both above freedoms

Main Page

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