The Fourth Age [dark]: The Time Of Upheavals

Fourth Age Palette
Current Focus: the Kerannic Empire

> Period [dark]: The Century of Conquest

> > Event [dark]: It Began In The North

The Fourth Age begins with the shift of power caused by the Floating Isles of the Northern Expanse being conquered by the Kerranic Empire.

>> Event [dark]: Kerranics Floating Islands

"Jaloq Ait" becomes the first "Fortress if the skies" of the Kerranic Empire. A brimen made floating and mobile island ripped from the ground. 

> Period [dark]: The Fiery Shadow

Under the sinister influence of the Cult of the Midnight Flame, the Kerranic Empire temporarily becomes a republic for a short period, after the death of Empress Agraboeth.  The streets run with blood and terror.

>>Event [dark]: The Headless Empire

 The child-empress Agraboeth is assassinated by order of the Cult of Midnight.

>>Event [light]: Sacrifice of the Harmonious Band

An elite military order called the Harmonious Band defends the escape of surviving members of the Imperial family. Every soldier of the Band is killed, and their sacrifice becomes the exemplar of honor and loyalty.

>>Event [dark]: An Order Most Sinister

The "Hand of Order" is formed, the Kerranic Empire's secret police of sorts.  Headed by its ruthless Marshall, Dalraq Vol, the Hand "carries out the law of the republic," using brutal and insidious methods.-

> Period [light]: Reign Of Wisdom

Wise leaders in key positions come together to try and unite warring factions, with varying but broadly high degrees of success.

> > Event [light]: The Great Compact

The end of the Fourth Age is signified by the Great Compact of Faurin being signed by all major world powers.
Thus begins the Fifth Age of Brimanity.


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