Fourth Age Palette

World Context

  • fantasy setting
  • one mortal race, the brimans, but it is made up of many tribes
  • cosmology as discussed, but with many interpretations/religions/magical traditions based thereupon


  • Birliban:

    • IN: Steamengine is known
    • OUT: Different planes of reality / parallel dimensions
  • kjdavies: (…)

    • Out: explosive propellants (i.e. no firearms, cannon, rockets).
  • LordDraqo: (…)

    • In: a non-sentient species that forms empathic bonds with the brimen.
  • pokepotter4_1: (…)

    • In: Supernatural wonders of the world (like stonehenge, but magical)
  • sadlynotapirate: (…)

    • In: Magic is complicated, ritualistic, time-consuming.
  • TPGreyKnight:

    • (probably skipping since I already defined stuff above)
  • viz: (…)

    • True: There is no general strength or size disparity between male and female brimen.

Fourth Age Palette

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