The Powers That Be

Know, O mortal, that the great expanse of the cosmos and everything that lies within it issues ultimately from the will of the Cosmic Power, which is the First Cause.  The One Power has many names amongst all the peoples of the earth.  Although it wills justice and goodness to cover the whole world, the compassion of the Cosmic Power is such that it does not destroy us all for the sake of our evil.

To guide us and give us light, it created the three great Elemental Powers: the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.  The Moon reigns over the aspects of beginnings, births, wisdom and intuition, discovery, and the plants and animals of nature.  The Sun reigns over endings and final organisation of the world, over harvest, over death, over mathematics and industry.  The Stars were set to reign over all extensions and joining together, over the emotions and the arts, over the cold thing and the growing thing, and over luck.  And these lights shine forever in the darkness, giving light to the just and the unjust alike, never speaking but always present.

To mould and mediate the world of mortals was given over to the Manifest Powers, which though being of a lesser order than the Elemental Powers are indeed far greater than brimankind.  Above is the Manifest Power of the Sky, guiding the wind, and the lightning, and from whom came all the beasts of the air and the earth.  Below are the spirits of the Manifest Ground, governing all metal, the ocean, and the lives of plants.  The Manifest wheels of Time move slowly through the seasons, through spring and harvest and winter.  The hidden powers of the Mind teach us the depths of logic, wisdom, and emotion.  None can escape the Manifest Power of Order, which decrees the birth, growth, and death of all things according to their natures.  But do not disregard the power of Fortune, whose whims give rise to all manner of games, intuition, and luck.  Around everything lies the Manifest Power of Boundaries, whether sealing or opening or bridging.  And respect finally the innermost power of the Manifest Hearth, which binds all mortal communities together with all our industries, education, and the arts.  And all of these kinds of spirits work in harmony for the good of all; but some rebel and labour in secret to bring destruction.

Last of all, the Cosmic Power created our mortal race, the Brimen.  Although least of all the orders of being, to us is given the highest freedom, to explore all the earth and all the Manifest things within it, and all the lights of Sun, Moon, and Stars.  And yet to each of us is granted different skill, such that one may be skilled with things of the Sky, another know how to read the mysteries of Time, and another see the touch of Fortune.

Know this: that each of the varied magics of brimanity is the union of Elemental light, by the work of Manifest spirits, at the urging of a Mortal briman.  Thus are the three orders of being combined to the glory of the Cosmic Power.

It is the way of things that Manifest and Mortal come together to be the hands of creation.  Do not be waylaid by the deceptions and promises of the evil Manifest spirits, who bring doom only.  But work together with all brimankind and the good Powers Manifest, combining your powers with one another for noble purposes.

The Powers That Be

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