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  • Index by round

    The Fourth Age


    [[Fourth Age Palette|Palette]]

    Round 1 elements

    • Lens: Birliban
    • Focus: the Kerannic Empire
  • Timeline

    The Fourth Age [dark]: The Time Of Upheavals

    [[Fourth Age Palette]]
    Current Focus: the Kerannic Empire

    > Period [dark]: The Century of Conquest

  • Microscope rules

    Timeline parts

    A timeline is divided into Ages, each of which consists of a sequence of Periods (each usually decades to centuries long).
    A Period has a general description, defining the conditions and circumstances …

  • Fourth Age Palette

    World Context

    • fantasy setting
    • one mortal race, the brimans, but it is made up of many tribes
    • cosmology [[The Powers That Be|as discussed]], but with many interpretations/religions/magical …

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